The Morning Movement Playlist

The Morning Movement Playlist

Moving in the morning can help build a healthy and consistent routine. It also promotes a healthy digestive system as your body warms up so that nutrients can move easily through the body. This, in turn, metabolizes carbs and fats a whole lot easier and most likely quicker.

 P.S. I am in no way a nutritionist but get my information from them!

I’m not saying practicing and exercising at night doesn’t do the same thing but as soon as you wake up you haven’t put food into the body so it’s like a fresh start every morning! If you work from seated every day, standing or lift quite a bit at work the benefits are huge when it comes to mobility and strength:

  • Better posture
  • Less injury
  • Gut health
  • Better rest
  • Sustainable movement (walking, sitting, bending etc)

Coming out of that restful but still stiff position after 7-8hours can be tough and your body needs to have that consistency to continue moving well.

Here is my Morning Movement Playlist follow it up!