Keeping up with a daily practice can be hard. We don’t always get the chance to make it into a studio or a fitness class to move. The importance of a consistent yoga practice can help with creating a better headspace, reducing stress and more. Here are 3 ways you can create a nice place in your home to not only practice but maybe take a few moments to relax.

It can be hard to practice when your space isn’t functional for your needs.
Make sure everything has a place. Equipment such as blocks and straps can be on a shelf, books that you use for meditation can be placed on that shelf too! Keep blankets in one spot so they are easy to access and of course always keep one mat available in your space.

Design your space with light and positive colours in mind, I mean you can definitely use dark colours too but if there is no window in the area you want to practice it will make it easier for you to see with proper lighting and even better colours. Also, don’t hesitate to add plants that will flourish nicely for your space (ask a florist to get the right stuff).


Keep your mat open! Don’t roll it up, that way whenever you walk by you are enticed to practice. Keep your decor and space simple. Don’t invite any more items into space (ie. laptop, desk, kids toys, etc) Keep it light, keep it simple and be in there as often as you need.

While your space might not be a designated room, find a corner or a spot beside the bed, hallway or even the kitchen! Create the space that you want and start practicing!