What is Hot Yoga?

Practicing yoga in a heated room increases your heart rate and metabolism, provides your muscles with the space to relax more than they normally would or depending on the type of hot class you choose it can help burn calories away.

Here are 5 tips on how you can have the best experience possible.

1. Stay Hydrated.

Try and stay as hydrated as you can a few days before class. Not only is having a hydrated body great for your skin, hair and organs. It’s great for the muscles when you start to move in a heated room. Also, don’t be afraid to bring a water bottle to have beside your mat. The biggest thing is not to chug a huge amount of water 1 hour before your class. That can make for an uncomfortable session.

2. Take a Breather

While some classes are slow or set into yin/restorative. Sometimes a class can pick up the pace. If you need to take a minute and lie down in Savasana, rest on one of our pillows or drink some water. DO IT! Your body knows best and taking a break is how you show your body you care!


3. Bring a towel

We provide towels for you that are cleaned daily. Bring your favourite one to wipe the sweat off or add some extra grip to your mat. This will also help with self-practice if you decide to venture into other classes or spaces in the area!

4. What to wear

…We think you know the answer to this. Whatever the f*ck you want! Just be mindful that the room is warm and you will sweat. Wearing something too warm like a hoodie will make you extremely uncomfortable.


5. Ask questions. Bring a friend for support.

Sometimes coming to a class for the first time can be scary. Bring a friend, ask questions beforehand and during classes. There are several studios around that enjoy giving you tips and information on how you can stay “cool” in their heated class!